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Delusion of State and Religion - Tolstoy

Posted by Pelgrim on 28th April 2006

There had always been something about Ghandi which I didn’t understood; it was the same with the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
I found this non-understanding affirmed in the contradicting acts of Christian States and Religion. I concluded that the standard was set so high that it was impossible to reach for men. How wrong was I. I learned that we can only reach this standard with the help of a pole when taking the jump in the search for Truth. This is faith by experience and makes all the difference.

Ghandi was influenced by the writting of Leo Tolstoy about the Kingdom of God and especially his book The Kingdom of God is within you. Their correspondence can also be found on the web.

The book “The Kingdom of God” concludes with:

to serve the kingdom of God, that is, to contribute to the establishment of the greatest possible union between all living beings–a union possible only in the truth; and to recognize and to profess the revealed truth, which is always in our power.
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. vi. 33.).
The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity by contributing to the establishment of the kingdom of God, which can only be done by the recognition and profession of the truth by every man.
“The kingdom of God cometh not with outward show; neither shall
they say, Lo here! or, Lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is
within you.” (Luke xvii. 20, 21.)

This book can be found here The Kingdom of God is Within You

Exerpt of concluding chapter 12 on the delusion of State and Religion on how they get their subjects sofar to kill in the name of:

All we can know is what we who make up mankind ought to do, and not to do, to bring about the coming of the kingdom of God. And that we all know. And we need only each begin to do what we ought to do, we need only each live with all the light that is in us, to bring about at once the promised kingdom of God to which every man’s heart is yearning.

I. Chance Meeting with a Train Carrying Soldiers to Restore Order Among the Famishing Peasants-Reason of the Expedition-How the Decisions of the Higher Authorities are Enforced in Cases of Insub­ordination on Part of the Peasants -What Happened at Orel, as an Example of How the Rights of the Propertied Classes are Maintained by Murder and Torture - All the Privileges of the Wealthy are Based on Similar Acts of Violence.
2. The Elements that Made up the Force Sent to Toula, and the Con­duct of the Men Composing it -How these Men Could Carry Out such Acts-The Explanation is Not to be Found in Ignorance, Conviction, Cruelty, Heartlessness, or Want of Moral Sense - They do these Things Because they are Necessary to Support the Existing Order, which they Consider it Every Man’s Duty to Support- The Basis of this Conviction that the Existing Order is Necessary and Inevitable - ­In the Upper Classes this Conviction is Based on the Advantages of the Existing Order for Themselves - But what Forces Men of the Lower Classes to Believe in the Immutability of the Existing Order, from which they Derive no Advantage, and which they Aid in Main­taining, Facts Contrary to their Conscience ? - This is the Result of the Lower Classes being Deluded by the Upper. Both as to the Inevi­tability of the Existing Order and the Lawfulness of the Acts of Violence Needed to Maintain it-Deception in General-Special Form of Deception in Regard to Military Service - Conscription.
3. Bow can Men Allow that Murder is Permissible while they Preach Principles of Morality, and How can they Allow of the Existence in their Midst of a Military Organization of Physical Force which is a Constant Menace to Public Security? - It is only Allowed by the Upper Classes, who Profit by this Organization, Because their Privi­leges are Maintained by it -The Upper Classes Allow it, and the Lower Classes Carry it into Effect in Spite of their Consciousness of the Immorality of the Deeds of Violence, the More Readily Because Through the Arrangements of the Government the Moral Responsi­bility for such Deeds is Divided among a Great Number of Participants in it, and Everyone Throws the Responsibility on Someone Else - Moreover, the Sense of Moral Responsibility is Lost through the Delusion of Inequality, and the Consequent Intoxication of Power on the Part of Superiors, and Servility on the Part of Inferiors - The Condition of these Men, Acting against the Dictates of their Con­science, is Like that of Hypnotized Subjects Acting by Suggestion­ The Difference between this Obedience to Government Suggestion, and Obedience to Public Opinion, and to the Guidance of Men of a Higher Moral Sense - The Existing Order of Society, which is the Result of an Extinct Public Opinion and is Inconsistent with the Al­ready Existing Public Opinion of the Future, is only Maintained by the Stupefaction of the Conscience, Produced Spontaneously by Self-inter­est in the Upper Classes and Through Hypnotizing in the Lower Classes- The Conscience or the Common Sense of such Men may Awaken ,and there are Examples of its Sudden Awakening, so that one can Never be Sure of the Deeds of Violence they are Prepared for - It Depends Entirely on the Point which the Sense of the Unlawfulness of Acts of Violence has Reached, and this Sense may Spontaneously Awaken in Men, or may be Reawakened by the Influence of Men of more Conscience.
4. Everything Depends on the Strength of the Consciousness of Chris­tian Truths in Each Individual Man - The Leading Men of Modern Times, however, do not Think it Necessary to Preach or Practice the Truths of Christianity, but Regard the Modification of the External Conditions of Existence within the Limit Imposed by Governments as Sufficient to Reform the Life of Humanity - On this Scientific Theory of Hypocrisy, which has Replaced the Hypocrisy of Religion, Men of the Wealthy Classes Base their Justification of their Position - Through this Hypocrisy they can Enjoy the Exclusive Privileges of their Posi­tion by Force and Fraud, and Still Pretend to be Christians to One Another and be Easy in their Minds - This Hypocrisy Allows Men who Preach Christianity to Take Part in Institutions Based on Vio­lence - No External Reformation of Life will Render it Less Miser­able - Its Misery the Result of Disunion Caused by Following Lies, not the Truth - Union only Possible in Truth - Hypocrisy Hinders this Union, since Hypocrites Conceal from themselves and Others the Truth they Know - Hypocrisy Turns all Reforms of Life to Evil ­Hypocrisy Distorts the Idea of Good and Evil, and 50 Stands in the Way of the Progress of Men toward Perfection - Undisguised Crimi­nals and Malefactors do Less Harm than those who Live by Legalized Violence, Disguised by Hypocrisy - All Men Feel the Iniquity of our Life, and would Long Ago have Transformed it if it had not been Dis­simulated by Hypocrisy - But Seem to have Reached the Extreme Limits of Hypocrisy, and we Need only Make an Effort of Conscience to Awaken as from a Nightmare to a Different Reality.
5. Can Man Make this Effort? - According to the Hypocritical Theory of the Day, Man is not Free to Transform his Life - Man is not Free in his Actions, but he is Free to Admit or to Deny the Truth he Knows - When Truth is Once Admitted, it Becomes the Basis of Action - Man’s Threefold Relation to Truth - The Reason of the Ap­parent Insolubility of the Problem of Free Will - Man’s Freedom Con­sists in the Recognition of the Truth Revealer to him. There is no Other Freedom - Recognition of Truth Gives Freedom, and Shows the Path Along which, Willingly or Unwillingly by Mankind, Man Must Advance - The Recognition of Truth and Real Freedom Enables Man to Share in the Work of God, not as the Slave, but as the Creator of Life - Men Need only Make the Effort to Renounce all Thought of Bettering the External Conditions of Life and Bend all their Efforts to Recognizing and Preaching the Truth they Know, to put an End to the Existing Miserable State of Things, and to Enter upon the Kingdom of God

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Overcoming suffering - travel lite

Posted by Pelgrim on 27th April 2006

Taken from the document Silo Speaks by humanist Silo:

These, then, are the great enemies of humanity: fear of sickness, fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of loneliness. All these forms of suffering pertain to your mind, and all of them reveal your inner violence, the violence that is in your mind. Notice how that violence always stems from desire. The more violent a person is, the more gross that persons desires.

I would like to tell you a story that took place long ago.
There was once a traveler who had to undertake a long journey. He yoked his animal to a cart and began the journey to his faraway destination, a journey he had to complete within a certain length of time. He called the animal Necessity and the cart Desire; one wheel of the cart he called Pleasure, and the other he called Pain. Our traveler turned his cart sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left, yet he never ceased moving toward his destiny. The faster the cart traveled, the faster turned the wheels of Pleasure and Pain, carrying as they did the cart of Desire and connected as they were by the same axle. But the journey was very long, and after a time our traveler grew bored. So he decided to decorate his cart, and he began to adorn it with all manner of beautiful things. But the more he embellished the cart of Desire with these ornaments, the heavier became the load for Necessity to pull. On the curves and steep hills of the road, the poor animal grew too exhausted to pull the cart of Desire. And where the road was soft, the wheels of Pleasure and Suffering became mired in the earth.

One day, because the road was long and he was still very far from his destination, our traveler grew desperate. That night he decided to meditate on the problem, and in the midst of his meditation he heard the neighing of his old friend, Necessity. Comprehending the message, he arose very early the next morning and began to lighten the cart of its burden, stripping it of all its fine adornments. Then he set off once more toward his destination, with the animal Necessity pulling the cart at a brisk trot. Still, our traveler had already lost much time, time that was now irrecoverable. The next night he sat down again to meditate, and he realized, thanks to another message from his old friend, that now he had to undertake a task that was doubly difficult because it involved his letting go. At daybreak he sacrificed the cart of Desire. It is true that when he did so he lost the wheel of Pleasure, but then he also lost the wheel of Suffering. And so, abandoning the cart of Desire, he mounted the animal called Necessity and galloped on its back across the green fields until he reached his destiny.

See how desire can trap you. But notice that there are desires of different qualities. There are cruder desires, and there are more elevated desires. Elevate desire, purify desire, surpass desire! In doing so, surely you will have to sacrifice the wheel of Pleasure, but you will also become free of the wheel of Suffering.

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Christ in Islam

Posted by Pelgrim on 27th April 2006

[London, John Murray]


WHEN Mohammad established Islam in Arabia he insisted that he was not proclaiming a new religion, for he believed that all the prophets who preceded him had brought the same message. Fromtime to time God had sent prophets and had revealed His will in sacred books; but men were rebellious, and so it was necessary for Him periodically to send a new prophet to lead them back to the truth. Mohammad had no sense of any gradual development in the knowledge of God, for he held that a knowledge of the true religion had been given to man from the beginning. The reason why God needed to send prophets with fresh revelations was because men had fallen away from the truth and required to be called back to it. Thus men like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and himself had all the same task set before them, and none of them was essentially different from any other. God might authorise one to abrogate certain practices which had been commanded by a predecessor, but in essential matters they were all engaged in the same task, which was to proclaim the unity of God and summon men to worship Him alone

This being Mohammad’s belief, it naturally follows that he was unable to accept what Christians taught regarding the person of Jesus. To him Jesus was no more than a prophet, even though He is accorded a dignity which is given to no other. The Koran speaks of the Virgin Birth; calls Jesus God’s Word and a spirit from Him; declares that He is “eminent in this world and the next, and one of those who approach God’s presence;” and attributes wonderful miracles to Him. But Mohammad could not admit that He was anything more than other men. He understood the doctrine of His Sonship in a carnal sense, and therefore he very naturally denied it vigorously. As an example of the Muslim rejection of this doctrine, one might quote the argument of Abu `Othman `Amr Ibn Bahr al Jahiz, who lived in the ninth century of our era. He said that if God is a Father, He must also be a grandfather and an uncle; and insisted that the birth of Jesus was not so unique as that of Adam and Eve, for they had neither father nor mother.

The purpose of this volume is to present an account of Jesus as He appears in the works of Muslim writers. I have collected the relevant passages from the Koran, of which I give my own translation,

Book can be found here

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Fish - Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors

Posted by admin on 14th April 2006

Listen to me just hear me out, if I could have your attention
just quieten down for a voice in the crowd.
I get so confused I don’t understand
I know you feel the same way you’ve always wanted to say
but you don’t get the chance, just a voice in the crowd.

I don’t know the score anymore; it’s not clear anymore
I can’t tell right from wrong anymore; I just don’t understand.
I was sitting here thinking of exchanging a new world for old
like changing channels on the tv, or the dirt we stand in to gold.

When I was young, my father told me just the bad guys die
at the time just a little white lie
it was one of the first but it hurt me the most
and the truth stung like tears in my eye
that even the good guys must die
there’s no reasoning no crimes and I never knew why
even now it still makes me cry.

If there’s somebody up there could they throw me down a line
just a little helping hand just a little understanding
just some answers to the questions that surround me now.
If there’s somebody up there could they throw me down a line
just a little guiding light to tell wrong from right
just some answers to the questions that I’m asking you
I keep a vigil in a wilderness of mirrors
where nothing here is ever what it seems
you stand so close but you never understand it
for all that we see is not what it seems, am I blind?

And you sit there and talk revolution
but can you tell me just who’s in command?
when you tell me the forces we are fighting
then I’ll gladly join and make plans
but for now only our t-shirts cry freedom
and our voices are gagged by our greed
our minds are harnessed by knowledge
by the hill and the will to succeed
and if that’s not what you believe
would you let me know I’m not standing alone
that I’m not just a voice in the crowd

If there’s somebody up there could they throw me down a line
just a little helping hand just a little understanding
just a little understanding to the questions that I’m asking you
If there’s somebody up there could they throw me down a line
just a little guiding light to tell wrong from right
just some answers to the questions that I’m asking you
I’ll keep a vigil in a wilderness of mirrors
where nothing here is ever what it seems
I’m scared to shout in case I draw attention from the powers
that preside over our minds and our lives
when they find what I want is the deadliest weapon, that is truth
Day by day it’s getting louder
and day by day it’s getting stronger
but when I can’t scream no more and I need reassurance,
I listen to the crowd.

(And the boy stood, and stared at the hill. And the hill stared back)

VIGIL meaning
Awatch kept during normal sleeping hours.
BThe act or a period of observing; surveillance.
2 The eve of a religious festival observed by staying awake as a devotional exercise.
3 Ritual devotions observed on the eve of a holy day. Often used in the plural.

[Middle English vigile, a devotional watching, from Old French, from Latin vigilia, wakefulness, watch, from vigil, awake.]

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Posted by Pelgrim on 1st April 2006

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Posted by Pelgrim on 1st April 2006

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