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The best Islam is within you - the spirit of GOD (Rouh’u Allah) is within you

Posted by Pelgrim on 20th April 2010

“Rouh = Soul? This is the single biggest misconception that people have made which helped distort the issue of ‘who we are’. In Arabia, when someone dies, the people say: ‘let us pray on his Rouh!’ Also, when they speak about someone dying, the say: ‘his Rouh has left him’. In schools, they teach our kids that the ‘Soul’ is the ‘Rouh’ and that is what will die and be judged and punished or rewarded… However, the story changes when we look at what GOD has to say:

“GOD takes the ‘Nafs’ when death comes, and also at the time of sleep…” (39:42)

“No ‘Nafs’ dies except by GOD’s leave, at a predetermined time…” (3:145)

“Every ‘Nafs’ tastes death, then you receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection…” (3:185)

“… You shall not kill the ‘Nafs’ that GOD has made sacred, except in the course of justice…” (6:151)

“… she said: my Lord, I have wronged my ‘Nafs”…” (27:16)

Well, you get the picture!

GOD tells us that our ‘Soul’ is called ‘Nafs’, and that this ‘Nafs’ is what is taken at death and what is judged on j-day (then rewarded or punished). The ‘Nafs’ is YOU, it is your entire being, it is your slate, which is burdened or lightened by your actions…

So, if the ‘Soul’ is the ‘Nafs’, then what is the Rouh?

Rouh = Spirit.

“While a barrier separated her from them, we sent to her Our ‘Rouh’. He went to her in the form of a human being.” (19:17)

“They ask you about the ‘Rouh’. Say: ‘The ‘Rouh’ comes from my Lord. And you were not given knowledge, except little.” (Quran 17:85)

It becomes apparent to the reader that the ‘Rouh’ is from GOD and it is the accumulation of ‘knowledge’ that will assist the human being in his life… It is best described as ‘Spirit’.

You see, animals also have ‘Nafs’ just like we do (it is their life-force), yet, you do not see monkeys building spaceships nor turtles working on computers!

The ‘Rouh’ is the gift that GOD gave to our species to allow us the advantage of ‘knowledge’.

“Once I perfect him (the human), and blow into him from My ‘Rouh’, you shall fall prostrate before him.” (15:29)

All animals can communicate with one another (remember the birds speaking to Solomon?). However, it is only man that has ‘knowledge’.

The ‘Rouh’ is GOD’s gift to us, and it is only GOOD. The information that the ‘Rouh’ provides each of us is to be used for our benefit, but we have the ‘choice’ to use it for evil (like nuclear fission being used to make a bomb).

Some unfortunate news about the ‘Rouh’: It will NEVER approach you and save the day. for example, you are struggling to understand something. If you don’t ask GOD for help, it won’t go; “hey, here is the answer!” no, you have to approach it. Also, it will always be LITERAL. you will have to be specific of what you are asking. Note, you don’t have to say this out loud. You can just think of it - because many times, humans have hard time expressing what exactly they want to ask. With the Spirit of God, you don’t have to worry about this - as long as you get the intention of asking, the Spirit will know the question… as much as you wanted to ask and that ALONE (though it knows all the questions you know - it is not going to answer anything you did not ask).

Thus if we can summarize what we have upto this point.

The human being so far is made-up of:

1. The ‘Soul’ - Nafs (the is YOU, the real person, what makes choices and what will be judged);

2. The ‘Spirit’ - Rouh (this is a gift from GOD, it is NOT yours, you do not own it, all people have access to it - like the Quran. It’s purpose is to help provide answers and knowledge to help your Soul make the right decisions). . . .

The best Islam is within you - the spirit of GOD (Rouh’u Allah) is within you. There is no such thing that truth lies outside of you. The ultimate truth lies within you. Please, take advantage of that blessing. It will be your ultimate weapon against falsehood.”

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Quark-gluon plasma, laws of physics anomaly

Posted by Pelgrim on 3rd April 2010

quark-gluon plasmaMatter buildup

Get Hot On The One A computer visualization of 7,200,000,000,000 degree F quark-gluon plasma in the RHIC collider Brookhaven National Laboratory, via The New York Times

Until the LHC finally gets up to full speed, Brookhaven National Lab’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) remains the world’s most powerful heavy ion smasher. And on Monday, they showed off some of that power by announcing that a recent collision resulted in the hottest matter ever recorded. Coming in at a scorching 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit, the plasma not only recreated the environment of the Big Bang, but might have also resulted in the temporary formation of a bubble within which some normal laws of physics did not apply.

The plasma, which was 250,000 times hotter than the center of the sun, seemed to create small pockets where particles lost their left- or right-handed identity [their spin]. Source

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A Multiverse versus vacuum energy potential

Posted by Pelgrim on 3rd April 2010

Last night I watched a program in which Michio Kaku explained the wave-point nature of matter as observed in the double slit experiment by equating it with the Multiverse theory. Although I believe in the potential state of the vacuum field, I would however not use the observed results in the Double Slit Experiment as the proof for a Multiverse.

I intuitively believe that what is observed in the outcome of the double slit experiement is the interaction between matter and the underlying vacuum field a.k.a. the zero energy field. I do not have the mathematical skills or talents to theorize upon it myself, that what we are seeing is the result of propagating waves in the underlying vacuum wave field, but I found an interesting theory by Haisch and Rueda.

The final logical explanation for the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass is that they share a common origin. And this is what Haisch and Rueda think. Both kinds of mass, they claim, arise from interactions of the electric charges of matter with the quantum vacuum. But, whereas Haisch and Rueda’s idea of the origin of inertial mass is well developed, their idea of the origin of gravitational mass is far more speculative.


Basically, the two physicists believe, charges in a chunk of matter distort, or “polarise”, the quantum vacuum in their immediate vicinity. In other words, they attract virtual particles with opposite electrical charges and repel virtual particles with similar electrical charges. This distortion of the vacuum in turn interacts with the charges in another chunk of matter. By this roundabout means, a force of attraction arises between the two chunks. “The mechanism is so tortuous it might explain why gravity is so much weaker than the other fundamental forces of nature,” says Haisch. “One mass does not pull directly on another mass but only through the intermediary of the quantum vacuum.”


Haisch and Rueda’s description may appear puzzling if you know anything about Einstein’s theory of gravity. After all, general relativity “explains” gravity perfectly in terms of the warpage of higher dimensional space-time by matter. At first glance, this “geometrical” picture does not appear to be at all compatible with the picture of Haisch and Rueda.


However, Haisch points out that the warpage of space described by Einstein’s theory is actually not directly measurable. Instead, astronomers infer it from the bending of the paths of light rays passing through space. If the light from a distant star passes close to the Sun on its way to the Earth, for instance, its path is bent by the warped space close to the Sun. “If matter distorts, or ‘polarises’, the quantum vacuum, this changes its ability to bend light, or its ‘refractive index’,” says Haisch. “The vacuum then bends the path of light just like a piece of glass does.”


Haisch conjectures that the change of refractive index of the vacuum caused by the presence of matter has exactly the same effect on the paths of light rays as the warpage of space which in Einstein’s theory is caused by the presence of matter. In this way, all the mathematics of general relativity remains intact since space-time, though unwarped, looks exactly as if it is warped! “I strongly suspect that the vacuum-inertia theory can be made consistent with general relativity and the warping of space-time,” says Rueda. “But it is still too early to be certain.”


In their latest work, Rueda and Haisch even explain why inertial mass and gravitational mass are the same. And it turns out to be remarkably straightforward. If you accelerate through the quantum vacuum, the vacuum resists your motion, which is why you have inertia. However, if you are held fixed in a gravitational field, it is the quantum vacuum that accelerates past you. “But this immediately shows that the ‘mass’ associated with inertia and the ‘mass’ associated with weight must be equal because the two situations are the same,” says Haisch. “Accelerating through the quantum vacuum or having the quantum vacuum accelerate past you are the same process. Hence Einstein’s principle of equivalence is neatly explained.”


Perhaps the most mind-blowing consequence of gravitational and inertial mass owing their existence to the vacuum is the possibility of modifying both through modifying the vacuum. If a way could be found to change the vacuum in the right way, it might be possible to nullify mass, making an inertia-less drive that could accelerate a spaceship from a standstill to the speed of light - the cosmic speed limit - in the blink of an eye! Source

Or the construct of spacetime would cease to exist, now that is thinking outside of the box of spacetime.

The Double Slit Experiment still leaves a lot of space for speculation, especially with regard to our interaction with the vacuum field, that our conscious observation of the trajectory of the particle removes the noise, the interference pattern in the vacuum field.

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