God is love

Posted by Pelgrim on September 10th, 2010

While beholding the sunset the pupil said to his teacher ”God is love.”

The teacher beheld the evening clouds and answered “yes he is, the problem is however our conception of that love.”

Pupil, “How do you mean?”

Teacher, “Well my son, look at the wound at your leg, you cleaned and dressed it and it looks to be healing.”

Pupil, “Yes it does.”

Teacher, ”Still I am telling you that a bacteria infected the wound that it is now multiplying and it will eventually make you sick to death. That same bacteria is a creation of our God of love. Do you perceive that as an act of love?”

Pupil now shocked, “I certainly do not! God forbid!”

Teacher, “that is the problem with conceiving love when it is confined to man’s conception.”

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