The unknowable God made manifest - in the light of Christ!

Posted by Pelgrim on January 4th, 2011

“For you, my God and Creator, are beyond nature,
alltogether beyond all substance.
But the reflection of Your divine glory,
is seen by us as a pure light, a gentle light.
It is revealed as light,
it unites itself withus as light:
a light that one contemplates in spirit from afar,
a light which is suddenly seen within us” - Hymns of Divine Love 24  

“But, Oh, what intoxication of light, Oh, what movements of fire!
Oh, what swirlings of the flame in me, miserable one that I am,
coming from You and Your glory!
The glory I know it and I say it is your Holy Spirit,
who has the same nature with You, and the same honor, O word;
He is of the same race, the same glory,
of the same essence, He alone with your Father,
and with you, O Christ, O God of the universe!
I fall down in adoration before You.
I thank You that You have made me worthy to know, however little it may be,
the power of Your divinity.” - Hymns of Divine Love 25   

“Then He mingles with the soul, but does not blend with it.
The One who is pure essence is entirely united with the essence of the soul
… How I cannot tell. The two become One.
The soul is united with its Creator,
and the Creator is in the soul, totally with the soul alone. ” - Hymns of Divine Love 30   

Saint Symeon - Hymns of Divine Love

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