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Posted by Pelgrim on 8th June 2016

When arriving at the well after a long journey, the pupil asked his teacher “teacher why can’t we stay here? Why do we need to move on again?”

The teacher stared into the water and asked the pupil “What do you see?” the pupil answered agitated “my own reflection”.

The teacher asked “Is that all you see?” to which the pupil responded “No teacher, I see your reflection also”.  “Okay” the teacher responded “so you need the medium of water to see you and me at the same time. It is this water that acts as a mirror, while refreshing and strengthening you and as a result you want to stay. Without the well at your hand you feel unhappy going out again into the desert.”

The teacher pauzed and then continued “This water stands for the level of your consiousness. You have not reached the level that your are constantly aware of the presence and our reflections in the spirit of life.”
The teacher asked “Do you only see our reflections?” “No teacher” the pupil responded “I also see a dark shade of a cloud covering the sun blocking ist light and darkening the water.” To which the teacher responded “the cloud that covers the light of the sun and creates a shade on the face of the water also exist in our collective consiousness as a dark current, there are people that choose to live in darkness, that thrive on that darkness and fear the day the light will break through exposing the truth. It is our job to go out and make the current that awaits the light as big as possible because the birthprangs will be painfull as the dark current will resist the day of the firstborns of many having the mind that is in Christ our lord.”

1 Corinthians 2:14 - 2:16

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