believes in the Oneness of God and the oneness of man and that we as mankind have fallen away from this truth.  

Child dove.jpgFrom this stems our belief that anything that fights this unity is far from the truth. In love and respect for others we try to gather by focusing on that what unites in the Abrahamistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This site is not about proving one side of the truth or convincing and converting others.
We do not believe in truth of man but we believe in the hope that by searching for Truth we come closer to the Truth.

We want to breathe new life into the commandment “to Love others as much as you love yourself” (Matthew 22,39.

Not because a hypocrite Pharisee or religious system (Matthew 23,26) tells us to. But because the connectedness of All is a physical reality that Science is discovering in the quantum effects as: the connectedness/entanglement of matter; the omnipresence of matter as described by the integral path method as an explanation for the wave/point duality of matter in the dual slit experiment; and the Zero Point Energy Field. wants to provide a platform for the study and contemplation on One in All in Science, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

We are looking for authors that want to post relevant content and material for study. You are invited to join in and share.

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